Diary Notes...

"The form that i have consciously worked towards in all my films has been one, where there is no strict narrative logic. It borders more on the subjective logic of dreams and imagination and the boundaries between reality and dream are often blurred.

The films have often been devices for my own cinematic explorations into the play of form and the ideas often abounded with the stream of consciousness but the soft molten formlessness had to be molded and chiseled- transformed into that aesthetic equivalent -and I cherish each one of those priceless moments of growth..

All the films have been experimental works-and have played with both the storytelling as well as the craft"

In the short film-"Notes On Her"-We used high contrast lighting and shot the film on black and white stock and printed on color and added a special tint for the hard gritty images which not only create that raw feel but also are powerful in stretching the limits of reality itself...and extend the mythical nature of Dopdi.

In "Chaos"-the entire film was a playful ensemble where a scientist and musician come together and spontaneously create music out of equations in chaos theory. This was one interesting experiment where for the first time we were stretching our boundaries of thought and entering new areas hitherto quite unknown to us and the whole experience was rather passionate and stimulating as the music emerged out of all those mathematical equations with such beauty.

"Images" was a film which was entirely a stream of images which recreates a mood and it very strongly adheres to the tradition of silent films. The entire evocation is through the gestures and the gaze. This film was completely done with non-actors…ones who had no previous experience of acting and the effect is so real and so stark and of course the black and white photography is something which adds to the characters and the soul of the film…In "Images" a photographer accidentally captures a stranger’s laconic state of mind on camera and later realizes that she has become unknowingly attracted to the image and the woman in the photograph who is a painter.

In “The Isle"- the entire experience of filmmaking was so lively and childlike. We had a very beautiful young actress who had never acted in front of the camera and who made the film a joyful journey for all of us. The film itself is based on childhood memories and is a musical journey too.

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