1. An Unnamed Poem (2005)
    35mm, Cinemascope, Color, Fiction
  2. The Solitary Sandpiper (2004/2005)
    35mm, Fiction,-Colour-Cinemascope-Duration 22min-English/Hindi
  3. The Isle (2004)
    Images- 16mm, Black And White, Fiction-Duration-5 Min
  4. Notes On Her (2003)
    35mm, Fictional Work, Black And White, Wide Gate-2003-Duration-9min- English-Hindi
  5. Chaos (2003)
  6. A Day In A Studio (2003)
    Video–Fiction -English
  7. Images (2001)
    16mm,Black and White,Fiction- 2001-Duration-5 min
  8. A Short Film And Life (2002)
    35mm, Widegate Colour, Fiction-5 Min-English
  9. Anaganaga (2001)
    16mm, Black And White, Fiction, Duration-5min
  10.  Stereotype (2000)
    Video Work-Fiction-5 Min-English
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